Quartz Wing 18ct Threaders

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Quartz Wing 18ct Threaders
Quartz Wing 18ct Threaders
Quartz Wing 18ct Threaders

Quartz Wing Threaders

Throughout history, feathers have served as spiritual symbols for shamans and priests, as symbols of royalty for kings and chiefs, symbols of healing, or symbols of sacred power for cultures as far back as ancient Egyptian, Asian or Celtic eras. These cultures possessed abilities to communicate with nature in ways that have been overlooked or forgotten in our own time. - taken from 'Sacred Feathers' by Meril Crabtree

Feathers and wings have powerful meaning, they represent protection and freedom. These carved Quartz wings have been part of my private collection of gems for years, now incorporated into a delicate pair of gold thread earrings. They are unique and a limited edition of 2 pairs - LISTING IS FOR THE FINAL PAIR.. MADE TO ORDER.


- Carved quartz in the shape of wings or feathers depending on your interpretation.

- Hand made 18ct white gold caps and earring findings.

- Fine diamond cut 18ct white gold chain, chain sparkles as it moves

- Unlike many other thread style earring the chain is not what sits in the lobe, the first section of chain threads through the pierced lobe until the shaped wire hits the piercing. This curved wire snuggly hugs the lobe. The earrings once secure will not slip though the ear. 

- Hand made in Sydney Australia

- Hand made to order, please allow 2 weeks manufacturing time. 

- Limited edition


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