Element Ring - Water

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Element Ring - Water
Element Ring - Water
Element Ring - Water
Element Ring - Water
Element Ring - Water
Element Ring - Water
Element Ring - Water

Element Ring - WATER

Earth, Air, Fire and Water make up the 4 elements. The idea that these four elements make up all matter was the corner stone of philosophy, science and medicine for two thousand years. It has been believed that the world was composed of these 4 basic elements and that they are considered the critical energy force that sustain life. 

Element Rings are hand sculpted to fit a unique gem. A gem that has been sourced particularly to represent one of the Elements. Each ring has different characteristics, metal combinations and finishes to make them unique yet similiar to one another. 

WATER - It covers over 70% of the earths surface, and quenches the thirst of life whether plant or animal. Our bodies are primarily water, and completely dependent on it. Water is the element of movement and holds power over every human on the planet and the other three elements. Water has the power to extinquish a fire, wash away earth, and saturate the atmosphere. 

The element of water is commonly associated with the qualities of emotion and intuition. The symbolism of water speaks of purity, fertility and life, and can often represent the subconscious world. In astrology the water element is associated with the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. In the tarot the suite of Cups is ruled by water. 

AQUAMARINE - Aqua harnesses the soothing spirit of the ocean. Known as the 'treasure of mermaids' aqua is a calming, cleansing stone that inspires truth and trust. 


- Hand carved solid sterling silver

- Rose cut Aquamarine 

- Weight approx 22.7 grams

- Size M1/2 (please email for sizing options prior to purchase) 

Width across finger approx 21mm

- Height from the finger approx 8mm

- Band given a satin finish, high polish around the the bezel. 

- Engraved with the alchemists element for water

- Hand made im Sydney Australia

- Ready to ship in 3 working days. 

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