Fine Silver Hoops

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Fine Silver Hoops
Fine Silver Hoops


You cant go wrong with hand shaped, light weight, large hoops. Each pair of hoops are shaped hammered and polished by hand, each individual and made of the shiniest fine silver, with a locking system to keep them safely in your ears. The fine silver used is made of 999 parts silver, it doesnt have the alloyed metals sterling silver has, therefore it is nice and bright and will remain bright for much longer. It is also much softer then sterling, I work harden each hoop by tediously hammering the surface, some hoops may still show the marks of the process, creating a unique handmade feel. 


- Drop from piercing approx 57mm

- Width at the widest point approx 3cm

- Weight approx 1.2 grams each

- Handmade of shiny fine silver 

- Handmade in Sydney Australia

- Ready to ship in 3 working days


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