Large Celestial Ladder Earrings - Sunstone

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Large Celestial Ladder Earrings - Sunstone
Large Celestial Ladder Earrings - Sunstone
Large Celestial Ladder Earrings - Sunstone
Large Celestial Ladder Earrings - Sunstone

Celestial Ladder Earrings - Sunstone

A symbolic ladder from the earth to the heavens. 'Ladder' earrings are inspired by ancient cultures, artefacts dug from the ground and found in tombs that mystify current man. Once worn by people with a true love, appreciation and knowledge of the night sky. Each carries different gemstones in their arches, embodying unique power and meaning. 

The unique design of these earrings is tediously constructed by hand. The larger size of my origional arch design these earrings are a statement. The frames are drilled and threaded with fine 9ct yellow gold wire and sparkling Sunstone tumbled beads. The hooks are my unique hinge design and hand made to ensure comfort and the right ammount of movement, allowing the sunstone to pick up the light creating a beautiful sparkle. The tassels that hang from the base are tediously hammered to thin sheet drops, created using the same technique used by the ancients.

Sunstone brings light into the dark corners of the mind. Sunstone inspires the nurturing of the self in order to be of service to others. It is a stone of leadership, personal power, freedom and expended consciousness. 

Earring Details

- Entirely hand made in Sydney Australia

- Arches made of solid sterling silver

- Unique hooks made of solid 9ct yellow gold

- Wire threaded through beads made of solid 9ct yellow gold

- Tassels hand hammered and formed from 9ct yellow gold

- Beads are tumbled Sunstone

- 3 sterling silver links connects the arches to the hinged hook

- Weight = approx. 10 grams each

- Length = approx. 6cm long

- Width at widest point = approx 22mm

- Please allow 1 week for shipping

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