Mixed Element 'Pendulum' - Mahogany Pendant

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Mixed Element 'Pendulum' - Mahogany Pendant
Mixed Element 'Pendulum' - Mahogany Pendant
Mixed Element 'Pendulum' - Mahogany Pendant
Mixed Element 'Pendulum' - Mahogany Pendant
Mixed Element 'Pendulum' - Mahogany Pendant

Mixed Element Pendulum Pendant

The mixed element collection is a fusion between slick metals and natural products. A combination of textures and finishes. Inspired by our natural bold but often fragile world each piece is truly unique, made out of 100% recycled materials they are one of a kind.  

The timber element in this piece is hand turned from reclaimed recycled Mahogany. A beautiful pendulum drop that comes down to a fine point. The tip of the pendant is a solid hand made silver point. Inlaid into the Mahogany is a textured 9ct yellow gold wire. The wire is threaded into the timber leaving a 'stitch' mark on the back of the pendant. 

The pendulum pendant is sold on a 60cm sterling silver chain. Chain length can be customised.


- Hand turned recycled Mahogany timber

- Pendant dimensions = Approx 45mm long, 17.3mm wide at the thickest section

- Pendant weight excluding chain = Approx 4 grams

- Waxed using natural bees wax

- Solid sterling silver handcrafted point

- 9ct yellow gold textured wire inlay

- 3 links securing it to a chain, 2 x sterling silver, 1 x 9ct yellow gold

- Large sterling silver spinning link

- 60cm silver chain with parrot clasp

- Unique one of a kind pendant 

 Mixed element pieces are 100% Australian made and unique. All are limited additions or one of a kind. The 'Pendulum' pendant is ready to ship within 2 working days.

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