Rose Gold Sorcery Earrings

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Rose Gold Sorcery Earrings
Rose Gold Sorcery Earrings
Rose Gold Sorcery Earrings
Rose Gold Sorcery Earrings


A unique pair of drop earrings featuring a pair of Amethyst gemstones. Amethyst has been used in jewellery for centuries. Everyone from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Anglican Bishops hold the power of the amethyst deep in their cultural beliefs. Up until the 18th century Amethyst was included in the cardinal gems (gemstones which have traditionally been considered precious above all others). Amethyst has widely been believed to relieve stress and encourage inner strength, wealth and clarity of the mind, as well as preventing over indulgence. 

This pair of Amethyst caught my eye immediately. Its mix of colours and inclusions are exactly what I love about this stone. I knew I had to turn them into a unique pair of earrings. Inspired by the ancient world and mythology I wanted these earrings to look as if they could be worn by an ancient goddess, or sorceress. Uneven claws follow the natural inclusions and hug the stone and long slender rose gold drops hang from their red tips. A little flame at the base of the hook add a little extra magic. 


- Entirely hand made in Sydney Australia

- Made from solid 9ct Rose Gold

- Unique pair of included Amethyst gemstones 

- Extra long Rose Gold hand shaped Sheppard hooks with a flame detail.

- Earring length approx 61mm

- Earring weight approx 2.2 grams each

- One of a kind 

- Ready to ship in 2 working days

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