Sacred Heart Pendant - (large) Silver

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Sacred Heart Pendant - (large) Silver
Sacred Heart Pendant - (large) Silver

Sacred Heart Pendant

The sacred heart is one of the most recognisable symbols of all time. I adore religious iconography. The Sacred Heart is my all time favourite. There are many different renditions of the Sacred Heart. Many have a cross and a crown of thorns, some are pierced and bleeding. This is my simplified adaption, I chose to purely show the heart and flames to draw away from the heavy religious symbology, as beautiful as it is. Both the heart and flames have powerful symbolic meaning. The heart is the center of being, both physical and spiritual. The heart is symbol we all relate to, it represents compassion, understanding, love and charity. Flames and fire  represent transformation, purification, renewal of life, power, strength and energy. 

Sacred heart pendants come in two sizes, this one being the large size. Its constructed out of sterling silver with articulated flames. The flames have movement allowing the pendant to move on its bail, and the flames to slightly wiggle catching the light.


- Hearts constructed out sterling silver

- Pendant comes on sterling silver black ball chain, 47cm long

- Hand made in Sydney Australia 

- Ready to ship in 3 working days

The Sacred Heart design is also available in earrings. Please email for more information. 

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